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We Feel proud to inform that our mesmerizing dream has taken the shape of divine reality through the establishment of Glorious International School & College (GlSC). We are going to inaugurate the institute at Komlapur, Birulia ,Savar. which will follow National Curriculum English Version (NCTB). At GISC, we are committed not only to provide the students with modern education and technology but also our devoted and expert teachers are committed to kindle the feeling of humanity, modesty, dignity and patriotism in them.As the GISC will continue to grow under Krishi Foundation of Krishibid Group having the permanent campus, it’s our aim to become a role model For teaching and learning across the country.

I have a dream to create a synergy across the campus in imparting value-based, complete education within not only guarantees steady teaching methodologies but also involves students in a way that enhances their learning in National paradigm. The aspiration of GISC is to provide top quality modern education blended with moral values to all.

I would like to encompass my heartiest congratulations and appreciation to all the parents for keeping trust in our institution. I am excited to invite all those parents who are interested to join our dream. We need your valuable contribution and immersion in serving our children to form their efforts on their path to destiny.

We seek your involvement, guidance and blessings!

Professor. Dr. R. I. Sarker,
Governing Body of GISC