GISC believes that quality education is the right of all children, youth, and adults, not the privilege of the few.


Provide an enlightened environment in which each student is given the opportunities and encouragement to reach their potential.


GISC aims not only to create good students but also to create visionary leaders who will advance the nation forward.


GISC aims to positively influence the behavior of students by instilling good moral values and guiding principles.


GISC believes that participation in a community or society at large is a vital learning process for the future leaders.


Literature, music, and art can benefit students by exposing them to new and exciting ideas. We aim to enrich that experience.


Our mission is to provide an inventing and outstanding education atmosphere where each and every student’s desires to be measured by focusing on maximizing the potential. We intend to develop every student’s talent, innovativeness, creativity and moral values. Our aim is to produce academics that will represent Bangladesh with the inspiration of liberation war at international platforms.

In this regards, the mission of school can be summarized within the statement ‘A place to explore thyself’.

Our vision is to form the personification of modern science and technology, wisdom, patience, tolerance, achievement and harmony having an enlightening atmosphere in accordance with international standards exploiting our scientific and technological research infrastructure, thus yielding creative and competitive citizens who will enthusiastically take accountability to establish themselves as global citizens and future leaders.

Objectives of the institution:

The objectives of this institution are presented in the following manner:

  1. The children will be provided education based on the use of modern, interactive multimedia teaching methods designed by a panel of experts following the British Curriculum.
  2. The children will be provided residential facilities (when it becomes available) including medical and health support and particular focus will be on preventative health care such as immunization, health training, eye checks and dental care.
  3. The students will be provided education on faith-based values and ethics by customizing modern and Islamic education under British Curriculum.
  4. The students will be motivated on the inspiration of the liberation war, patriotism and national unity.
  5. Providing a decent and hygienic modern academic environment, life skills, games and recreation to the children.
  6. Full transportation facilities for both students and teachers.

Admission Procedure

Download the Addmission Form

GISC elementary school program will be designed for students of age 3 onwards. The program’s curriculum is developed based on modern teaching methods. In the 2016-17 session, the Playgroup class of the elementary School is-designed and structured to ensure all our curriculum objectives are met, and to provide the best possible foundation for our students. From the first year, we will also design our teaching methods and program structure for Play group, Nursery, KGI and KGII.

After conducting research on modern learning resources, and developmentally-appropriate methods, our carefully planned elementary School curriculum introduces and reinforces early concepts in math, science, language [Both Bangla & English], and physical development. Our Playgroup program will be consisting with modern teaching methods, creative and well-designed learning resources, and an individualized approach to give students the best start in life.

Eligibility for Admission

The admission procedure starts as follows:

  • Playgroup: Starts in November for the next academic session.
  • Nursery - Class I: Starts in November for the next academic session.

We take students into Playgroup at age 3+, so parents are advised to apply when the child is 2+ years old.

How to Apply: Application Forms are available in Savar campus along with Dhaka Office.

Playgroup Admissions: Application Forms are available from November for the next academic session which starts in January. Interview sessions are done immediately; therefore parents are advised to apply when the child is 2.5 years old and as early as possible since admission is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. A foundation level education to be given for the students till next June to start the July session according to the British Curriculum.

Nursery to Class I Admissions: Application Forms are given out from November for the next January.

Completing the Admission Form

We require several documents to be attached to the Admission Form, and a checklist is provided on the form itself.

Proposed Tuition fees structure (Approx: Depends on managing committee decision)

Sector Amount (BDT)
Admission Fees 40,000/=
Yearly Fees 10,000/=
Tuition fees (monthly) 5,000/=
Sports 2,000/=
Picnic 1,000/=
Science fair 1,000/=
Books Depends on market rate
Stationeries DO
Uniform DO
Transportation fees Depends on distance
Multimedia Classroom 2,000/=
Doctors’ fees 1,000/=
Counseling 1,000/=

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Dr. Md. Nurun Nabi


Md. Mehedi Hasan


Message from Principal

School ought to be the place where students gain reminiscences that will be appreciated forever, friendships that last for generations and knowledge and experiences that will prepare them for their exploratory life ahead. A school ought to be the place, where the memories along with the future to be built. We believe the Glorious International School & College offers all of this and so very much more to its community.

I am proud to witness the transformation of children into glittering jewels in GISC, and now with their stunning shine, they are going to be ready to enlighten the whole world. The school is going to be started with a vision to enlighten the children with knowledge and principles. With the new paradigms of education which hold no space for rote learning and passive listening, we will continue to deliver our students with prospects and situations that facilitate them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest.

For the near future, our students will be at the very heart of all that we do by the grace of Almighty. Our only purpose is to assure that every one of our students is supported academically, ethically, emotionally, internally, physically, culturally, patriotically and socially: a truly all-inclusive schooling that guides them for life in every aspect.

Our ambition is to provide an inspirational academic education to each individual student. We cautiously recruit the faculties that determines a genuine devotion and imagination for learning, who can motivate, involve and challenge every student. Such a method has led to outstanding outcomes and feedback for our students throughout the globe.

I have a dream that the Glorious International School & College to be recognized as one of the best schools in the world from the aspect of academic and ethical upbringing of the students to be competent. Educating children is a complete pleasure but also an accountability toward the society.

If anyone is considering sending your child to the Glorious International School & College, please come and visit, hear from our wonderful, skilled staff and wider faculties and talk to me about our aim and vision for the school.

Thank you so much.

Dr.Md.Nurun Nabi
Principal, GISC

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Dr. Md. Nurun Nabi (PRINCIPAL)


A place to explore thyself

“Glorious International School & College” is going to open soon as an organ of Krishi Foundation. The school campus is located at Komolapur, Savar, just 2km South-West from Mirpur, Dhaka. The school follows Cambridge curriculum. Besides, emphasis is given on building moral and ethical values among the students. There are both residential and non-residential facilities covering medical and health support, sports and, other extracurricular activities. Our mission is to provide an outstanding learning environment where each and every student will be given opportunity and encouragement to reach their full potential.


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